Less is more

Less is more

This method is suitable for advanced students, teachers and conservatory students. This 192-page lesson book focuses on how to play the trumpet instead of fighting it. In chapters 1 and 2 I mainly deal with the technical and theoretical side of this objective. I describe the ideas behind the development of this Method in Chapter 3. In this method I use my own experiences and years of teaching practice as much as possible. From time to time I will supplement this with real-life stories and anecdotes from my professional career. The exercises start from chapter 4, always preceded by do’s and don’ts and useful tips.

“Less is More…. and with that I have explained my vision of playing the trumpet in one quote.”

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Back to the title of this textbook. How do you make playing the trumpet easier and what is meant by “less is more” ? By first giving less air and doing less with the embouchure with a proportional importance, playing the trumpet becomes more effective, so less difficult! I would like to emphasize that this textbook is not a distance learning course and being taught by a professional should be a recommendation. This is an advanced method and both teachers and students can benefit from this book. However, the basic techniques used in this book are also important study material for beginners.

Watch the YouTube channel for example films of the exercises. To arrange private lessons, Clinics and Workshops, use the contact form on the website. For a preview of the book, click on the text below.